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Valerie Ellsworth

Valerie Ellsworth - Broker Member

New Neighbor Realty, LLC
453 Pleasant Street
Brockton, MA 02301

Office: 508-584-4935
Cell: 508-415-5561
Fax: 508-427-5538


I am the Broker/Owner of New Neighbor Realty, LLC in Brockton, MA. I have a very successful working relationship with you and Chase Bank, Bank of America, RES.NET, Meridian Asset, Aurora Loan Services, IClear, HomEq, Fannie Mae, RMS and CLMG Mortgage. I am also the Master Broker for US REO Partners in Massachusetts. Over the past 8½ years I have focused a team of agents, assistants and contractors specifically for marketing, maintenance, reporting & sales of REO and HUD properties. I have streamlined a complete process from Cash for Keys to closings. Accuracy, completeness, knowledge and timeliness are proven in my work. I currently have several full-time licensed and experienced Real Estate agents on my team along with three assistants. Other specialists are available if needed, including constables, maintenance personnel, electricians, plumbers, mold removal professionals, contractors, movers, cleanouts and clerical staff. Because there are many areas with diverse cultures, I have translators on staff and on call for several different languages. I am also a licensed Real Estate Instructor in Massachusetts. As an instructor, I keep current with the latest rule changes, updates to regulations and Real Estate laws.

My record with REO properties currently is an average of 22 days on market and in 39% of these properties I have personally brought the buyer in. One reason for my quick turnover and high buyer percentage is that I immediately start to pre-market the properties. I maintain an active and still-growing e-mail list of buyers, agents and investors to get the information out fast, which brings in several interested parties prior to the property going on the market. A “COMING SOON” sign is posted on the property with my office contact information. We collect buyers’ information from these phone calls and show them the properties as soon as the property becomes available. On average I get an additional 5 to 10 buyers interested for each property just from posting the “COMING SOON” signs.


1. License Broker in Massachusetts.
2. License Real Estate Instructor in Massachusetts.
3. Master Broker for US REO Partners
4. Proficient in FNMA contracts and procedures
4. HUD certified.  8.5 years of marketing, preparation and selling of REO properties.
5. Years of experiences in report generation, maintenance and management of REO properties.
6. Member of the Tri-County Board of Realtors for 8.5 years.
7. Member of the National Association of Realtors.
8. Experienced with a number of financial programs including FHA, 203K Rehab, USDA, Homepath, conventional and a wide range of additional buyer financing options.
9. Proficient in BPOs, property inspection reporting, interior/exterior photos requirements, utility maintenance and monthly status reporting.
10. I have a complete team of full time agents, assistances, mortgage brokers and contractors on my team to make sure all the details are taken care of on every property.
11. My association with many local licensed contractors include: plumbers, constables, attorneys, electricians, de-leaders, mold remediation, excavators for title V, home inspectors and more.
12. Experienced in dealing with former owners of properties, successfully negotiating numerous Cash for Keys agreements.
13. Proficient in short sales procedures. Since 2004 I have been successful in negotiating numerous short sale homes.

My listings get a lot of exposure from the beginning with my pre-marketing techniques. After the property is listed through the MLS I also market the properties with a Internet partnership, magazines, mobile marketing, flyers and dozens of other websites.

1. 24/7 automated appointment scheduling system. This will also automatically generate e-mails to all agents on how to gain access to the property and give instructions on how to submit offers. The system also has an automated feedback option from other realtors after showing the property.
2. 800 number, fax machines and several land lines within the Brockton office and a home office phone.
3. Because of the area’s ethnic diversity I also have on-call translators for many different languages when needed.
4. Multiple Listing Service.
5. Buyer’s incentives such as $200 off of your home inspection. Special discounts programs for military, medical and municipal workers. All this and more is available on our web site.
6. Several internet lead generators for buyers.
7. Over 40,000 color advertisements go out in any given month. We advertise weekly/monthly in several papers/magazines:

A. House Hunters Handbook magazine is in color and has a monthly circulation of 17,000
B. The Real Estate Book is in color and has a monthly circulation of 15,000
C. Realty Mart magazine is in color and has a monthly circulation of 10,000
D. Local news papers and their websites, unlimited circulation.
E. Craigslist advertising, unlimited circulation
F. The New Neighbor Realty color booklet, with unlimited circulation.

8.New Neighbor Realty web site page , Features our listings on the front page. There is an MLS search link as well as financing, informational brochures and special agent incentives.
9. Complete company signage includes: COMING SOON, FOR SALE, 4 BEDROOMS, FINISHED BASEMENT, OPEN HOUSE, MOBILE TEXTING, USDA FINANCING AVAILABLE ect. web site. This is nationwide.
11.We also offer a unique “Choose Your Neighbor” marketing program, where we deliver flyers to houses in the surrounding neighborhood as a way to generate interest. It’s very effective in spreading the word to friends/co-workers/family members looking for a home in the area.
12. 24/7 Mobile marketing riders are on all properties that allows buyers to text a code an all the information on that property will be sent to them immediately containing a description of the property and contact information for my office. My phone will also be texted to tell me what phone number and what property a buyer is looking at, I then can call the number and speak directly with the buyer within minutes.
13. New Neighbor Realty is part of an official Online Partnership which gets our listings posted to dozens and dozens of additional web sites.

Meridian asset Services
RMS asset Management Solutions
HUD certified
1031 exchange certified
Massachusetts Real State Instructor licensed
Licensed Massachusetts broker
Member of the National Association of Realtors
Member of Tri-County Realty Board

Areas Serviced:

State: Massachusetts

Counties: Plymouth, Norfolk, Bristol and Suffolk