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I began my Real Estate career in 1989 with an ERA franchise primarily focusing on residential Real Estate working with buyers and sellers. I am a graduate of Floyd Wickmans Sweat Hogs where I was the team leader. In 1990 the franchise closed and I went to work for an independent Real Estate Company Murphy Matthews. After about two months the Broker came to me with three books. They were banks in Florida, New York and Texas. I started dialing for REO’s and BPO’s. The first year I closed about forty properties. The second year I closed about one hundred properties. In 1992 I was recruited by Coldwell Banker to start an asset management company. That was the beginning of Coldwell Banker Asset Management. I had about thirty asset managers working under my supervision. We managed and marketed REO’s, ordered BPO’s. ordered REO appraisals worked on FHA short sales and VA compromise sales. I continued to also market local foreclosures and perform BPO’s. In 2002 I left Coldwell Banker and went out on my own starting REO Management Services bringing my asset managers with me. When the REO slowdown happened in 2006 I went back to doing residential Real Estate working with a few of the clients that were still around as well began doing Property management as well as taking the REO’s and Bpo’s that were available. In 2015 started Real estate advisors of Florida. We run the whole gamete of Real Estate. REO, BPO, Property management, and short sales.

Prime Lending Teresa Sutton 25years
RMS Matt Arbogast 10years
PAS Kristine Scharnberg 10years
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Residential relocation specalist Resnet certified

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