Marilyn Sanders, Truly Noble Services says,

Over the last 40 years I have had the opportunity to work in almost every genre of the Real Estate and REO Industry. Truly Noble Services recently brought me in as their Business Development Director. I knew from years of being in the business that US REO Partners had a strong network of professional, knowledgeable and highly respected agents in the Industry. Who else would I reach out to but people I’ve known and trusted for all these many years. And guess what? They didn’t let me down. We are all members of one great network that includes Default, Servicing, REO, Realtors, Title Groups, Legal and yes the REO Repair Vendors that are here to support all of you.

Kathy Jeffers-Volk says,

I was amazed when I looked at US REO Partners Roster with the number of the years of experience the agents and attorneys have in the default industry. Many of the members have been to numerous training sessions I directed over my 25 years in default servicing. Many of the members have been personally selected by me to do the sales and marketing of REO properties from my portfolio. These agents share their experiences, successes, and even sometimes challenges, to ensure their membership has the most up to date information to service their clients. Their professionalism as a group is unmatched.

Ryan Courson, Core Realty LLC says,

I recently received a new assignment from a new client because I was part of US REO Partners. I was not expecting this as the information and value that this organization brings is worth it alone. Since receiving that first new assignment, many more followed, and the relationship with this new client continues to build, providing a nice additional income stream. It’s an honor to be part of such an elite group of real estate professionals. Thanks US REO Partners.

Michael Balsitis from Caledonia, MI says,

Since becoming a member of US REO Partners, I’ve been able to build several relationships with new clients that sought me out because of my affiliation with US REO Partners. The membership is truly the best of the best and they are always willing to help make your business better.

Top agents + Top relationships = HUGE success for the membership!

Jim Kennedy from Orland Park, IL says,

There is not a better, more professional group of Brokers in the business. The members of US REO Partners prove their worth to the membership on a daily basis, hands down the very best in the business. US REO Partners is truly the very best professional organization to be associated with, everyone is always unconditionally helpful!