Approval Process


US REO Partners has a strict approval process to maintain the integrity of its membership and its focus. While many of the members will come from Servicer/Client recommendations, we encourage everyone who shares our goals to make application online. We use a varied range of criteria to select the best Members that will meet our expectations. No one specific criteria will be weighed more than the other. In other words just because an applicant has sold REO for 30 years or 1,000 homes per year does not make them automatically qualified. Likewise, some one that has only has 5 years of REO does not make them unqualified. Additionally just to be willing to pay dues, are in an area where we do not have Members or having any particular Certification is not a reason for acceptance. The Industry is already saturated by those qualification and requires more diligence on our part to be true to our common goals.

US REO Partners approval process includes an online membership application form. To insure that this process goes smoothly for you, please make sure you have the following information ready to upload into our data base. (Note: we will only accept the following file formats; Word, PDF, Excel)

  • Your Real Estate License(s)
  • Your Managing Broker’s License (if applicable)
  • Your Resume
  • Copies of E & O and General Liability Insurance
  • Proof of Sales Volume

If for some reason you get interrupted and can’t complete the entire application, rest assured your information has been saved. All of the data you have provided up to this point will be saved and you can complete the application via the email link you were sent at the start of the application. (Please note: the partially completed application will be saved for two weeks, which should give you enough time to enter or upload missing data and/or documents).