The Mortgage Servicing Industry has experienced great challenges in recent years which will continue at unprecedented levels.  With losses and liabilities on the rise, there has never been more of a need for effective and efficient mitigation of both of these than now. While new challenges will arise, obtaining everyone’s goals to solve the current crisis is easier if we focus on what has and has not worked before and what to avoid going forward. There is a consensus among Real Estate Brokers, Servicers and Outsourcers that the industry has lost focus on these ultimate goals. Distractions occur due to dilution of experienced and professional participants on all sides. Also, as expected like prior years, profit centers selling everything from contact lists and certificates of knowledge as well as fraud schemes on the local housing community have increased. It’s time to get everyone focused together to move the industry forward.

US REO Partners, Inc. is an organization formed by industry experts who have experienced the Servicing default cycles more than once, many of us working both in the Servicing sector as well as the Real Estate Brokerage area. Our membership represent the top real estate professionals across the country who have made a commitment to focus on the common goals of getting the industry back on track. We are an organization where everyone has a voice and everyone is expected to be a true partner in promoting our mission statement for a common goal.

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